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Wet Nose Woodworks

Lacing Toy Small Set

Lacing Toy Small Set

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Teach the art of knot tying with our Lacing Toy. Made of durable wood and shaped as a fun shoe, rocket, annd butterfly. Each set includes a shoelace for practicing fine motor skills and tying. Encourage independence and playfulness while learning an important skill. Great for tiny hands to work on fine motor control!

The size of each lacing toy is thia set is slightly smaller than the individual lacing toys that we also sell. Each lacing toy measures approximately 4.5 inches wide. 

Color of lace tying string may vary.

Comes with three lacing toys and one lace. 

*Please note that wood is a natural product.  Each wooden item is unique and different and will have natural grains & striation patterns (no two items will be the same).  Pictures here are only a representation of one individual item. Please do not purchase if you do not like the look of wood graining. 

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